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Twisted Ride (to Nowhere)
Topic: Substance Abuse Prevention: Heroin, Meth
Grade Level: 7-12

The emergency room isn’t where star basketball player, Christopher, expected to be on the day of the biggest game of his life, and he never expected to be engrossed in reading Kayla’s diary.  But as anyone watching "Twisted Ride" soon learns, this play is all about the unexpected. Students will watch with interest, hope, and horror as Kayla continues a downward spiral that destroys her relationships, her health, and her future; becoming, in the end, exactly the person she never believed she could be—a meth addict. They will be even more surprised to learn, later in the play, that Christopher has been through treatment for heroin addiction three times. They will see his shame and his constant struggle to keep clean as his life and Kayla’s intertwine into the same tragic story of addiction. "Twisted Ride" follows a slide show narrated by the three actors that gives factual information about both meth and heroin.  Follow up classes are available following the show as well.

Educational Objectives
  1. To portray the attractions and initially pleasant experiences meth and heroin produce, without having meth or heroin use seem desirable
  2. To convey the danger of meth and heroin use, without the intent of scaring teens - although this may be a result of the honest portrayal of the effects of these deadly drugs
  3. To enumerate the dangers meth and heroin use pose for the user's body, psyche, brain, relationships, and future
  4. To demonstrate common experiences teenage meth and heroin addicts have in the progress of their addiction and recovery
  5. To show that trying drugs often occurs in a single moment when a teen's guard is down because of alcohol use and/or a stressful experience
  6. To demonstrate that successful rehab doesn't mean a teen is "cured" - relapse is frequent and the desire to use and the consequences of use follow a person each day of their lives for a very long time
View a video clip of Twisted Ride (To Nowhere):  You Tube

Audience Size: 500
Running time: 45 minutes

This play is available for a limited run: January 11, 2016 through February 26, 2016

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