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Classes For People With Special Needs

In 1975, CLIMB Theatre was founded as a theatre company exclusively for individuals with special needs. While our company now works with people of all abilities, we are always excited to go back to our roots and work with self-contained classrooms, group homes, day centers, and special events.

Our programs for individuals with special needs are customized based on the participants’ ages, abilities, and the goals of your program. Below are several examples of populations with which we have recently worked.

Participants with Autism and Aspergers

Goals for these participants often include basic social skills such as making eye contact, introducing yourself, and identifying/responding to emotions. For lower-functioning students, games and activities allow participants to practice and generalize these skills. For higher-functioning students, our Actor- Educators will facilitate role- plays as well.

When working with participants with Aspergers, past classes have addressed topics like conflict resolution, applying for and interviewing for jobs, and appropriate date behavior.?Participants with autism are often best served with multiple sessions that are between 30 and 60 minutes each.

Participants with Developmental/Cognitive Delays

When working with participants with mild/moderate delays, common lesson objectives include friendship, conflict resolution, self-control, and respect. Classes for adults have included topics such as responsibility (at work and home) and staying safe when using public transportation. Participants are engaged through activities and scene work as well as role-plays.

Participants with severe/profound delays are often most engaged through multi-sensory lessons. These lessons focus on exposing individuals to a variety of different sounds, smells, and tactile experiences in an engaging and theatrical way. All people, regardless of physical and mental abilities, are able to participate.

These programs are generally 25-40 minutes and can be done once or in a series of multiple visits.

Participants with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

Common goals for these participants include handling emotions (specifically anger), accepting “no” as a response, conflict resolution, and self-control. Like all of CLIMB’s classes, our Actor-Educators will start out with low-risk activities to gain trust and encourage participation. Participants with EBD are often best served with multiple sessions of no more than 40 minutes each.

If you are interested in booking classes for people with special needs, please call our Outreach Department or fill out a
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