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Pedestrian Safety Classes for Grades K-2


K-2: Synopsis
Why did the chicken cross the road? In this interactive class, it's because he's trying to retrieve his playground ball.
Unfortunately, Charlie the Chicken doesn't know much about crossing the street. With the help of Lydia and the other Junior Crossing Guards (played by your students), Charlie will learn how to cross the street safely. The students will even practice crossing their own mini-street right there in the classroom!

K-2: Educational Objectives

  1. To teach a short poem entitled "Stop, Look, and Listen"
  2. To reinforce what a pedestrian crosswalk looks like and the signals associated with it: The white walking man, the orange hand, and the countdown
  3. To inform students of the different colored traffic lights and their meanings
  4. To practice properly and safely crossing the street

Audience Size: 35 students maximum in a classroom; up to 40 students in a multi-purpose room
Running Time: 40 minutes

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