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One Kind Thing
Topic: Bullying Prevention
Grade Level: 6-8

In this multimedia play, college-age characters reflect on the bullying they witnessed in middle school, and confess what they wish they had done differently. As they tell their stories on video, live actors enact a variety of bullying situations. Students will begin to see middle school drama as something other than "just the way it is," and see it as something that could be changed, if only they have the courage to do one kind thing.

Educational Objectives
  1. To provide examples of verbal, physical, and social bullying, as well as cyberbullying
  2. To explore the reasons why bystanders frequently choose not to take action when they see another person being bullied, including the desire to fit in and lack of self-identity
  3. To explore possible consequences of bullying
  4. To empower students by modeling how they can use their power to intervene in bullying situations
  5. To empower students to practice kindness
  6. To show that practicing kindness leads to positive self-identification and a healthier school environment
View a video clip of One Kind Thing:  You Tube

Audience Size: 500

Running Time: 40 minutes

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