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Bullying Prevention Interplays for Grades K-6

In our Interplays on bullying, two Actor-Educators perform and then debrief scenes that highlight various bullying situations. Interplays focus not only on the person doing the bullying and the person being bullied but also on the important role of the people who see bullying happen. Students will learn how to stay calm and what to say if they are ever being bullied. They will also be encouraged to be active and stop bullying when they witness it. In the end, all students will have a greater understanding of what bullying looks like and how to make sure that it isn't a problem at their school.

Educational Objectives: Little Bugs (K-2)
  1. To define and illustrate different kinds of bullying
  2. To illustrate various bullying situations 
  3. To inspire the people who are bullied to take action and to demonstrate actions that can be taken
  4. To create understanding and empathy for the person who is bullied
  5. To inspire the people who see bullying to take action and to demonstrate actions that they can take
Educational Objectives: Be Brave (3-6)
  1. To provide examples of verbal, physical, and social bullying, as well as cyberbullying
  2. To demonstrate that people who are bullied can Act Calm, Change the Subject, and Take Off Safely (ACT) when they are bullied
  3. To demonstrate the ways by which a person who sees bullying can exacerbate a bullying situation
  4. To explore the reasons why people frequently choose not to take action when they see another person being bullied
  5. To model positive strategies people who see bullying can use and to demonstrate both the positive and negative possible consequences 
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