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Working For CLIMB Theatre:
Frequently Asked Questions

What is CLIMB Theatre?
Take a look around the website and get acquainted with us!
How will working for CLIMB benefit me?
CLIMB on your resume is a considerable asset! As theatres here and in other areas of the country know, working for CLIMB Theatre prepares an actor for almost anything.

As a member of the Performing Company, actors work with a number of respected local and nationally known directors.  As a member of the Teaching Company, actors receive extremely thorough training on a variety of approaches to facilitating interactive theatre. The CLIMB creative community fosters professional connections and friendships that last a lifetime. And that is in addition to in-house professional development workshops free of charge, an opportunity to travel throughout the Upper Midwest, access to hundreds of classrooms, and a consistent paycheck many other actors envy.
What are my options?
You can be a member of the Performing Company (PerfCo) or the Teaching Company (TeachCo).
What’s does a PerfCo Actor do?
As a PerfCo Actor, you will join one of a handful of ensembles of 3-4 actors.
Each ensemble has a repertory of 1-6 plays that are performed in the cafeterias, auditoriums, and gymnasiums of K-12 schools.  In addition to performing, PerfCo Actors help to load in, set up and load out sets, props and costumes.  Each Actor also takes on additional job responsibilities such as arranging hotels for overnight stays, driving her/his ensemble’s truck, and coordinating media visits. Two of our performing ensembles are hybrid companies.  They perform one play and also conduct that play’s essential follow-up classes.  For more information about working for the Performing Company, click
What does a TeachCo Actor do?
CLIMB’s Teaching Company is composed of several pairs of Actors who conduct interactive theatre classes in K-12 classrooms.  Classes cover topics such as bullying, respect, environmental responsibility, acceptance of differences, and self-control. In addition to being an actor, the Actor-Educator is also a facilitator who has participated in CLIMB’s 2-3 week paid training program.  Participants receive training on everything from questioning techniques and classroom management to characterization and improvisation. One or two TeachCo teams are also responsible for performing Interplays. For more information about working for the Teaching Company, click
Is this a full time gig?
YES! PerfCo and TeachCo members can expect to tour out of town, overnight, for up to 75% of their contracts. As a result, we don’t recommend holding other jobs or auditioning for other plays during your contract with us.
Do you have internships for undergraduates?
Yes.  If you are an undergraduate interested in building skills as an interactive performer for young people and building your professional resume before graduation, you can join us for a semester-long internship from August to December or January to May.  These internships are in the Teaching Company only.  Find out more information about CLIMB Theatre internships here
Do you offer summer internships?
Not at the moment. We do the vast majority of our work during the school year, and while we do occasional summer programming, there's not usually enough to warrant an internship.

 What about hotels and food when I’m performing out of town?
We provide hotel/motel lodging, two same-sex persons to a room.  We also pay a per diem to help to cover meal expenses.

How do I get from school to school?
PerfCo actors use CLIMB trucks to transport themselves and their sets, props and costumes from school to school.  TeachCo actors drive their own personal vehicles and are paid a mileage reimbursement for the business use of their personal vehicles.

What’s life like in the Twin Cities?
Great!  The Twin Cities have more theatre, per capita, than any other major metropolitan area in the country.  Add to that a vibrant arts community, several major museums, and extremely affordable living, and you have a terrific place to make your home, temporarily or permanently!

Do you provide housing?
If you are a Teaching Company Team Member, you will be offered reduced-rent housing in a CLIMB owned, furnished triplex located 10 minutes from our theatre/office building. In the event that the “CLIMB House” isn’t fully occupied by Team Members, remaining space is made available to other employees.  

What are your season dates?
We start rehearsing and training in August.  Depending on the PerfCo ensemble or TeachCo team you’re in, your employment agreement could end as early as November or as late as mid-May.  Undergraduate interns who join us for the spring semester begin their contracts in January. 

Now, we have a question for you:  Are you interested in working hard to use your skill as a theatre artist to make an authentic difference in the lives of young people? 

Yes!  How do I apply?
Resumes and headshots are accepted, primarily by e-mail, on a year-round basis.  Actor candidates may be invited to audition individually, based on the materials received.  Actors may also audition for CLIMB at the Twin Cities Unified Theatre Auditions.

Performing Company:
Buffy Sedlachek, Producer of Excellence in Performance

Teaching Company:
Lauren Diesch, Producer Of Excellence in Teaching lauren@climb.org

CLIMB Theatre is an EEO/AA Employer.

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