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Cyberbullying Classes for Grades 3-8

3-8*: Synopsis
Over the past decade, cyberbullying has become an increasingly worrisome topic for parents and educators. Students have almost constant access to computers and, behind the facade of anonymity, are saying or doing things online that few of them would do in person. The consequences of cyberbullying are serious and this interactive class not only addresses those consequences but also provides students with the steps to take if they are  targets of cyberbullying. Students will participate in an activity designed to increase empathy for the targets, view a montage, and participate in a discussion about how they can stop cyberbullying from being a problem at their school. By starting this discussion at a young age, students will be prepared to handle cyberbullying as technology becomes an increasingly important part of their lives.

3-8*: Educational Objectives

  1. To define "cyberbullying"
  2. To show the most common motivations behind cyberbullying
  3. To brainstorm the consequences of cyberbullying for both the targets and those doing the bullying
  4. To provide targets with an assertive and useful response
  5. To encourage students to be active bystanders

*We at CLIMB are aware that the functioning level and tastes of students in this wide age-range evolve significantly as they grow older.  As a result, we adjust both content and approach to suit each grade level.

Audience size:  35 students maximum in a classroom; up to 40 students in a multi-purpose room
Running time:  40 minutes

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