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Cliques and Exclusion Classes for Grades 3-8

3-6: Synopsis
It's been a rough day for a group of elementary school students.   Anika feels like her friends are betraying her; Jack feels pressured to be "cool"; and Ryan, the victim of fifth grade exclusion, has had his prized trading cards soaked with milk.  In this challenging and emotional class, students will view a scene about gossip and exclusion, participate in a game that demonstrates the impact of clique, and practice doing the respectful thing, even if it's difficult.

3-6: Educational Objectives

  1. To define a clique
  2. To brainstorm examples of exclusive behavior
  3. To explore the motivations behind exclusive behavior
  4. To demonstrate and explore the consequences behind exclusive behavior
  5. To suggest alternatives to exclusive behavior and to invite students to practice actions they can take to make their school into a more accepting place. 

Audience Size: 35 students maximum in a classroom; up to 40 students in a multi-purpose room
Running Time: 40 minutes

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6-8: Synopsis
While students at this critical stage in development struggle to forge a personal identity, it is natural for them to form groups of friends with whom they have something in common.  However, when these cliques become exclusive, they can create a school community that rejects more often than it accepts.  In this involving and thought-provoking class, students will watch a scene that allows them to explore the emotional consequences of exclusion, participate in an activity that simulates the exclusivity of cliques, and discuss the ways in which this topic is relevant to their school. They will also have the opportunity to try out different ways of being more accepting of others and evaluate the effectiveness of those strategies.

6-8: Educational Objectives

  1. To define "exclusion" and "clique"
  2. To demonstrate one example of exclusive behavior
  3. To identify ways in which exclusion and cliques manifest themselves in the students' school community
  4. To brainstorm the possible consequences of exclusion
  5. To practice  and evaluate approaches to dealing with conflicts involving exclusion

Audience size:  35 students maximum in a classroom; up to 40 students in a multi-purpose room
Running time:  40 minutes

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